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General Information About Accessing Exams

This is the online version of the Exam Guide. General information will help you navigate the Exam Guide and find exam locations in the Law Library.  

  • If an exam is listed in the Exam Guide, but you can’t find it, please email with exam semester, title and professor's name.
  • Exams are located in the First Floor Reading Room (FIRST) from 1985-current and the Second Floor Copy Area (CA2) from 1997-current. Exams prior to 1985 are in storage and available by request  (
  • If an exam is unavailable online or in print, it is because a professor did not give the library permission to publish. Professors have the choice to make exams available online, in print or both.
  • Recently listed exams are posted in this Libguide and on the cover of the print version of the Exam Guide which is located with exams on the first and second floors of the Law Library, and at the Circulation Desk.  
  • Some civil law and common law courses may also be listed by subject (i.e., contracts, donations, obligations, successions) instead of 'C' for civil or common law.
  • Tooley-Knoblett and Arruebarrena is the same person.
  • Lunney and Shoebotham is the same person.
  • For courses beginning with Louisiana SEE LA.
  • ACJ may mean Adjudication of Criminal Justice or Administration of Criminal Justice.
  • For Constitutional Criminal Procedure SEE ALSO ACJ, Adjudication of Criminal Justice or Administration of Criminal Justice.