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Clinic professors on immigration enforcement

by Janet Kearney on 2017-04-18T17:04:00-05:00 in Immigration

Ramona Fernandez, Clinic Professor and Associate Director of the Loyola Law Clinic, and Hiroko Kusuda, Clinic Professor, were quoted and discussed in Undocumented families are uneasy in New Orleans in Macleans, a Canadian weekly current affairs magazine. The articles focuses on how undocumented immigrants in a sanctuary city like New Orleans are dealing with the Trump administration increase in immigration deportation. 

Immigration advocates are firing back, arguing deportations could worsen budget shortfalls in states with large immigrant populations (by as much as $75 million in Louisiana’s case) and overwhelm an already backlogged justice system.

In recent months, the case load at the Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice at Loyola University in New Orleans has soared. “Students used to have four or five cases per semester, and now it’s up to 15,” says Hiroko Kusuda, a professor at the clinic, which provides free legal services to undocumented immigrants. Professor Ramona Fernandez, who oversees cases of immigrant children, says calls to the clinic have tripled, if not quadrupled, “and I’m being conservative.”

Rosemary Westwood, Undocumented families are uneasy in New OrleansMacleans (Apr. 10, 2017),

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