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Professor Kalb on New Orleans as a sanctuary city

by Janet Kearney on 2017-04-18T09:09:47-05:00 in Law Teachers, Immigration

Johanna Kalb, Associate Professor of Law, with Laila Hlass, Tulane Law School, recently published an opinion piece on NOLA.Com | The Times Picayune titled New Orleans 'sanctuary' policies are legal and make our city safer. The articles discusses the relationship between New Orleans' status as a sanctuary city and the current consent decree with the New Orleans Police Department and the U.S. Department of Justice. 

What these officials are missing (or perhaps purposefully ignoring) is that the New Orleans policy on detainers was hammered out carefully, over months of negotiation, as part of a federal consent decree to bring desperately-needed improvements to policing in our city.  The policy is both legal and makes our city safer. . . . 

The policies adopted in the consent decree were designed to both stop NOPD's unconstitutional policing practices and to build trust between the Police Department and the community.  If a member of an immigrant community comes forward to report being a victim or witness of a crime, he or she can be assured that NOPD won't suddenly turn the tables and start asking about immigration status. 

Laila Hlass & Johanna Kalb, New Orleans 'sanctuary' policies are legal and make our city safer, | The Times Picayune (Apr. 6, 2017),

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