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Faculty Services Available @ LoyNO Law

On this page is information on library faculty liaisons, recent acquisitions, news subscriptions, electronic resources, and other relevant information pertaining to faculty services offered at the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.

Faculty Liaison Program Services

The Library’s liaison program is designed to provide research and instructional support for our faculty. Members of the faculty are paired with our reference librarians, who have law and library degrees, in order to support scholarship and teaching activities.

Librarians may work on research projects, locate materials, prepare research guides and bibliographies, and provide updates on new scholarship and news items in particular areas of interest. We are also available to assist faculty research assistants in developing research strategies and locating sources, and to provide training in particular types of research or specific resources.

Librarians are available to assist faculty in integrating Library resources into course administration systems, whether through the creation of virtual libraries of relevant materials in online course sites, or through the development of research guides in particular subjects.

Faculty should also feel free to call upon librarians to conduct subject- or jurisdiction-specific research instruction in classroom settings, and/or to develop class handouts on research sources, bibliographies, finding aids, or other reference materials for particular classes.

If you cannot get in touch with your liaison and need help with something you can, of course, ask any of us for assistance.


Librarian Faculty

Brian Huddleston


Emily Bishop

Mitchell Crusto

Trey Drury

Davida Finger

Robert Garda

Isabel Medina

Judson Mitchell

Larry Moore

William Neilson

Leslie Shoebatham

Karen Sokol

James Viator

Jeanne Woods

Janet Kearney


Mary Algero

Hector Linares

Nikolaos Davrados

Ramona Fernandez

David Gruning

Bobby Harges

Johanna Kalb

John Lovett

María Pabón

William Quigley

Craig Senn

Majeeda Snead

Dian Tooley-Knoblett

Robert Verchick

Monica Wallace

Brandon Nichole Wright


Andrea Armstrong

John Blevins

Dane Ciolino

Hiroko Kusuda

Blaine LeCesne

Chunlin Leonhard

Luz Molina

Markus Puder

Ray Rabalais

Imre Szalai

Sandi Varnado