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United Kingdom: Access to Case Law

A research guide to legal sources in the UK.

Case Law - Law Reports

There are more ways to access case law than listed below. The listed sources are the Bluebook preferred (see Table 2, pp472-88) that are accessible in the library, via electronic subscription resources for students and faculty, or for free online.[i] The years below indicate the coverage of the source material available.

[i] The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation 472-88 tbl.T.2 (Columbia Law Review Ass’n et al. eds. 20th ed. 2015).


Law Reports - 

The official Law Reports are the preferred reporters for all jurisdictions. The full title of the Law Reports depends on the court cases you are looking for. Law Reports Appeals Cases contain decisions from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the Supreme Court, and the House of Lords (cases before 2005). Current Law Reports also include Queen’s Bench Division, Chancery, and Family. Because these are the preferred reporters, search here first before moving on. (date of coverage depends on the series title; see Bluebook Table 2, pp482-483)

  • KD 275
  • WestlawNext


Official Government Website (Aug. 2009-present): Decided Cases, The Supreme Court (last visited Nov. 8, 2015). 

You can also find decisions from the House of Lords here.


England and Wales

Prior to 1865

  • English Reports – Full Reprint (Eng. Rep.) (1220-1867)
    • KD 270 1220.E58
    • HeinOnline
    • WestlawNext

After 1865

  • ​Weekly Law Reports (WLR)
    • WestlawNext (1953-present)
    • KD 282 (1953-1993)
  • All England Law Reports (All ER)  
    • KD 288 .A64 (1955-present)
  • All England Law Reports Annual Review (All ER Rev.)
    • KD 288 .A645 (1982-2012)
  • Official Government Website (sporadic coverage, 2007-present): Judgments, Courts and Tribunals Judiciary (last visited Nov. 8, 2015).  


Court of Session

  • Session Cases (SC) –
    • WestlawNext (1873-present)
  • Scottish Civil Law Reports (SCLR)
    • KDC 116 .A2 S355 (1987-present)
  • Official Government Website (1999-present): Court of Session Judgments, Scottish Courts and Tribunals (last visited Nov. 8, 2015).

High Court of Justiciary

  • Justiciary Cases (JC)
    • WestlawNext (Note: This coverage is included in the Session Cases database on WestlawNext.)
    • Official Government Website (1999-present): High Court Judgments, Scottish Courts and Tribunals (last visited Nov. 8, 2015).

Northern Ireland

Official Government Website (1999-present): Published By Year, Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service (last visited Nov. 8, 2015). 

Recent Appeals Reports

Note on Westlaw

Please note that the cases that can be found on WestlawNext have scans of the cases as printed in their official reporters, which makes them an official source for the purposes of the Bluebook.