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Quick Tips for Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg: Bloomberg Law

Research guidance, technical help, and login information from the vendors.

Bloomberg Law Help Page

Bloomberg Law has many resources for helping you how best to use its legal research service. When you log on to your Bloomberg account, click the pull-down menu next to your name and select the "Help" option.

This brings up the Bloomberg Law Help page, with tutorial, videos, and both a phone number you can call for help, or a link to Live Chat with a Bloomberg Law customer representative.

Guides for Dockets and Court Documents

Bloomberg Law provides an easy way to access court dockets for most federal, and some state, cases. These dockets are a list of all the filings - complaints, orders, briefs, etc. - in that case.

On the main Bloomberg Law home page, look under "Research Tools" and click the Dockets link to get to the Dockets Search page. Once you have found the case you're looking for, check that the docket has been recently updated to ensure it has all available filings. If a document is available to download, there will be the word "View" or "Request" next to the document number. Selecting "View" will immediately load the document, while selecting "Request" there will be a delay while the document is retrieved and uploaded by the system. (For federal documents, the delay is very slight.) Then you will receive an email and a notice if still online when the document is ready to view. See the links below for more guides from Bloomberg on accessing dockets.

Forgotten passwords?

Click on the "forgot password" link under the sign-in box and Bloomberg will e-mail you at your Loyno email address to let you reset your password.