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Louisiana Statutes/Legislative Resources; Executive/Administrative Resources; Local Government Resources: Executive/Administrative Materials

A guide for finding Louisiana law and related materials, with preference given for Bluebook citation standards.
  1. Louisiana Register
    1. KFL 34.A2 L68
    3. Westlaw
    4. Lexis
  2. Attorney General Opinions
    1. KFL 440.A55
    3. Westlaw
    4. Lexis
  3. Louisiana Board of Ethics Opinions
  4. Civil Service Rules
  5. Ethics Opinions
  6. Executive Orders
    2. Also available in the Louisiana Register
    3. Lexis
  7. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
    1. General Document search (compliance, correspondence, financial, legal such as orders and settlements, etc.): 
      1. Official DEQ portal:​
      2. Lexis: search Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality decisions
  8. Division of Administrative Law
    1. Decisions re DEQ and Office of Conservation
      1. Westlaw: search Louisiana Environmental Administrative Decisions
  9. Board of Tax Appeals
    1. Westlaw
    2. Lexis
  10. Public Services Commission
    1. Rules of Practice and Procedures:   
    2. Orders
      1.  (Click "Search for Orders" Tab)
      2. Westlaw
      3. Lexis


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