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Student Services Available at Loyola New Orleans College of Law Library

Study Rooms

The law library has study rooms available on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Study rooms are available on a first come basis for the use of current Loyola students and recent Loyola Law graduates studying to take the bar. Library staff retains the right to reserve study rooms at any time for law library or law school business.
Study Room Guidelines
  • All study rooms doors are left unlocked. For the purpose of determining vacancy, study rooms without windows have occupancy signs just to the right of the door.  Students are responsible for using the sign to indicate when they are using the room and when they've vacated it. 
  • Study rooms are not soundproof.  Students are expected to be considerate of those in nearby areas by keeping noise levels low. Groups that are excessively noisy and disturb other library patrons may be asked to vacate study rooms.  
  • Each room is equipped with the number of chairs that the room will accommodate. Please do not remove chairs from nearby study spaces.
  • Study rooms are for the purpose of research, study and collaboration. Students using study rooms for other than academic purposes may be asked to vacate the room. 
  • When finished using the room, students are expected to erase the whiteboard, throw away their trash and straighten the chairs.  
  • Students are not to leave library books, laptops or personal items in the study rooms. The law library is not responsible for the security of personal items left in a study room. 
Please note: Students using study rooms may be asked to provide their Loyola identification.


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