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Free/Low Cost Legal Services in New Orleans: Subject Index


Legal issues can effect all areas of our lives. Resources in the Subject Index have been organized by topic to help you address specific legal problems. Below are the topics and a short description of the subject or the type of services offered. If you don't find what your looking for, check out the Legal Aid/Self-Help tab for general legal services.  

Subject Index Descriptions

  • Artists/Musicians  -copyright, business formation, and other entertainment law matters. 
  • Attorney Violations  -filing a complaint of lawyer misconduct or negligence.
  • Capital Offenses -pre-trial or post-conviction resources when facing a death sentence.
  • Children  -child support enforcement, abuse and neglect, mental health and incarcerated youth.
  • Civil Rights/Human Rights  Civil rights are established by government law and protected by constitutions (see topics under Narrower Terms). Human rights overlap with civil rights but are basic human rights recognized by the international community (see the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).
  • Courts  -court locations, forms, court rules and procedures and other legal resources. 
  • Disabled  -access, autonomy, education, discrimination and healthcare.
  • Domestic Violence  -victims of domestic or date violence, sexual assault or stalking. 
  • Elderly  -a variety of legal services for older older persons.
  • Employment Discrimination  -victims of employment discrimination. 
  • Environment  -environmental issues either man-made or by natural disaster.
  • Expungement  -sealing a criminal record.
  • Family  -family disputes, successions, inheritance issues and child support.
  • Forms  -business, personal needs and state and federal court forms. 
  • Homeless  -unresolved legal issues such as traffic violations, bank fraud and more.  
  • Housing/Homeownership  -housing discrimination and homeownership protection.
  • Immigration  -protecting the rights of the immigrant community. 
  • Laws/Opinions  -state and federal laws and court opinions.
  • LGBT/HIV  -discrimination and assistance with attaining services.
  • Mediation  -alternative dispute resolution to resolve employment discrimination and family disputes.
  • Mental Health  -advocacy and representation for patients and their families. 
  • Military  -uniformed servicemen on active duty.
  • Websites  -a variety of resources on the web.