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Free/Low Cost Legal Services in New Orleans: A-B

Resources beginning with A-B

ABA Free Legal Answers - provides legal advice and assistance for civil legal questions, not criminal. You must qualify financially for this service. 

ACLU of Louisiana -- see American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana

Advocacy Center of Louisiana - provides legal assistance, information and referral for people with disabilities and senior citizens. Contact: 8325 Oak Street, New Orleans, LA. Call toll free: (800) 960-7705. Email:

Advocates for Environmental Human Rightsprovides legal services in defense of human rights in environmental justice cases. Contact:  832 Topaz Street, New Orleans, LA. (504) 799-3060, fax: (504) 799-3061. Email: Monique Harden, Co-Director, Nathalie Walker, Co-Director

After Innocence - Re-entry assistance for exonerees, including lawyer referrals for free or low cost legal service for expungement, restoration of rights and public benefits, landlord-tenant issues, child custody and divorce, bankruptcy or tax problems. Contact: Jon Eldan, Director, (415) 307-3386. Email:

AIDSLaw of Louisiana - see CrescentCare Legal Services

American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana - provides services to combat government abuses of individual rights but limited to cases that raise significant constitutional or civil liberties issues affecting a large number of people. They do not take cases by phone or walk-in.  See their website to file a complaint form. Call toll free: (866) 522-0617, or locally (504) 522-0617. 

Baton Rouge Capital Conflict Officeprovides legal representation to indigent defendants accused of capital offenses.   BRCCO accepts appointments in cases with a conflict of interest on the part of the local public defender or where there is no available attorneys certified to represent capital defendants. Contact: 525 Florida Street, Suite 310, Baton Rouge, LA 70801. (225) 338-0235, fax: (225) 338-1948.